Commercial tumbler dryer

commercial tumbler dryer machine for industrial use of clothes drying

Industrial type tumbler drying machines for laundry

  • Electronics control on drying timer and drum rotation directions automatically.
  • Automatic cool down at the end of the each cycle.
  • The heater of steam heated models consists of copper pipe and aluminum fins. It has the advantages of good heat transfer, high heat efficiency and obvious energy saving.
  • The outer drum is equipped with insulating material to prevent losing of heat.
  • Large filter with easy cleaning. 
  • The large glass window will allow operator to watch the drying condition easily.
  • The huge door will make it easy for operator to load and unload.
  • The opening and closing of door and all other functions are controlled automatically.
  • The front and side panels are made of high quality stainless steel for anti-rust and long term service.
  • Drum is made of stainless steel including basket with main shaft.

Model: NTD-20

Loading capacity: 20 Kg     

Drum volume: 400 Lt    

Drive motor power: 0,75 kW    

Fan motor power: 1,10 kW    

Electric heating power: 20,0 kW     

Dimensions: 113*106*195 cm    

Weight: 355 Kg         

Model: NTD-40

Loading capacity: 40 Kg     

Drum volume: 800 Lt    

Drive motor power: 1,50 kW    

Fan motor power: 3,70 kW    

Electric heating power: 36,0 kW     

Dimensions: 142*135*220cm    

Weight: 585Kg 

Model: NTD-60

Loading capacity: 60 Kg     

Drum volume: 1200 Lt    

Drive motor power: 1,50 kW    

Fan motor power: 3,70 kW    

Electric heating power: 45,0 kW     

Dimensions: 142*160*220 cm    

Weight: 630 Kg 

Model: NTD-110

Loading capacity: 110 Kg     

Drum volume: 2200 Lt    

Drive motor power: 7,50 kW    

Fan motor power: 5,50kW    

Electric heating power: Steam only     

Dimensions: 165*235*275cm    

Weight: 2000 Kg 

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