Commercial washer extractor machines

commercial washing and extracting machine, made in Turkey

Commercial washing and extracting machines for laundry

  • The programmable computer control system and big screen with English interactive query, whole course of pre-washing, washing, sterilizing, rinsing, bleaching and extraction can be carried out automatically.
  • All control parts adopt 24 VDC components for safety and easy maintenance.
  • The special and full suspension shock absorbing system is patented and will absorb all of the vibration. It is possible to install machine on the upstairs.
  • It is equipped with cold and hot water and steam inlet. Electric heating is also available.
  • Automatic supply dispenser will let operator place soaps before starting the cycle 
  • Inverter drive saves energy and allows infinitely selectable wash and extraction speeds.
  • Single motor and V-belts make the drive system stable, reliable, low noise and easy to maintain.
  • The open pocket drum is good for the best washing action.
  • Single large door is easy to load and unload whole drum for operator.
  • Both drum and washing case are made of stainless steel with the advantages of smooth surface, high strength, resistant to corrosion and durable.
  • All of the side panels are made of high quality stainless steel for anti-rust and long term service. 

Model: NWE-20

Loading capacity: 20 Kg     

Hourly production: 30 Kg     

Drum volume: 204 Lt     

G factor: 360     

Electric heating power: 18,0 kW     

Motor power: 3,0 kW     

Dimensions: 97*116*155 cm     

Weight: 420 Kg         

Model: NWE-40

Loading capacity: 40 Kg     

Hourly production: 60 Kg     

Drum volume: 400 Lt     

G factor: 360     

Electric heating power: 24,0 kW     

Motor power: 5,5 kW     

Dimensions: 118*143*155 cm     

Weight: 900 Kg         

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