Towel folder crossfolder stacker

folding crossfolding and stacking machine for towels of hotels, hospitals, etc.

Towel folding crossfolding stacking machine with outlet conveyor

  • Computer control with big screen and intelligent system allows machine having interactive function.
  • Four times of primary and cross folding can be finished under the computer control. The number of times and directions of folding can be programmed freely according to the range and thickness of fabrics.
  • The traditional counter of mechanical pulsing has been replaced by infrared testing system of high intelligence.
  • With the function of double channel folding, it can save both energy and labor.
  • All control valves are controlled by pneumatic system and as a result all actions become quick and reliable. 
  • Furnished with automatic triple sorting system.
  • It has the functions of automatic diagnosis, perfect safety system and self- maintenance for testing points.
  • The computer board adopts relay output and there are no intermediate relays. It may reduce troubles greatly and the maintenance becomes easy. 
  • All control components use 24 VAC. It is not only safety, but also easy to maintain directly.
  • Equipped with several safety systems to make the machine safe and reliable.
  • Maximum folding length of 2000 mm. 

Model: NTF-2000

Maximum folding width: 1200x2000 mm  

Number of lanes: 3

Number of primary folds: 2

Number of crossfolds: 2

Electric power: 1,50 kW 

Dimensions: 2000*4900*1500 mm   

Weight: 1100 Kg

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