Laundry machines

industrial type commercial washing machine for laundry of hotels, hospitals, etc.

Commercial washer extractors

Washing and spinning machines with 20 kg and 40 kg loading capacity.

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Industrial washer extractors

Industrial type washing and spinning machines with 60 kg and 110 kg loading capacity.

vıew Detaıls of ındustrıal washer-extractors

Commercial tumbler dryers

Laundry drying machines with 20 kg, 40 kg, 60 kg and 110 kg loading capacity.

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Roll heated flatwork ironers

Flatwork ironing machines with cylinders 32 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm in diameter.

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Folder and crossfolder

Bed sheets folding, crossfolding and stacking machine.

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Towel folder

Towel folding machine with stacker and outlet conveyor.

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Dry cleaning equipment

fully automatic dry cleaning machines and full set of dry cleaning equipment

Dry cleaning machines

Fully automatic dry cleaning machines with 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg, and 16 kg capacity.

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Garment ironing presses

Garment ironing presses with various options.

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Vacuum ironing boards

Vacuum ironing boards with hand irons and with various options.

vıew detaıls of vacuum ıronıng boards

Vacuum spotting board

Vacuum spotting boards for stain removal with various options.

vıew detaıls of spottıng boards

Garment form finishers

Garment form finishers with air and steam operation.

vıew detaıls of form fınıshers

Garment packing machines

Packing machines for garment on clothes hanger.

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